Lake Retba (Lac Rose) - The Pink Lake of Senegal


Lake Retba Pictures

Below you can see some pictures from the Lake Retba (Lac Rose) in Senegal. The lake has different shades of pink depending on the season and time of the day.

Photo Gallery
Different Tones of Lac Rose

clear water with pink tones

fishman at work

Pink Lake os Senegal
bright pink

Lac rose
different tones of pink

Lac Rose
dark and intense

Lac Rose
slightly pink in the evening

Sun Rise-Lake Retba
Sun rise on the lake (1)

Sun Rise on the Lake Retba
Sun rise on the lake (2)

almost brown - Piles of salt are aligned next to the shore of the lake

Clear Pink Lac Rose
clear soft pink

Lac Rose brick red

Lake Retba tones

Lac Rose in the evening

Really pink Lac Rose
truly pink

Lake Retba
Lake Retba has the colour of a strawberry milkshake from above

salt fisheman at work - Retba lake
Locals collect salt from the bottom of the lake

Lake Retba Bird and salt foam

Panoramic Views of Lac Rose

Lac Rose - Panoramic View

Retba Lake panorama

Beach and Salt